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About EK Studios

EK Studios LLC is a Cosmetology/Photography service based business that has a keen focus on aesthetics and details of hairstylist extraordinaire, Yvonne Christine.  Located in ("The Paris of the West") Detroit, Michigan, EK Studios has slowly marched up the ranks as one of the most artistic environments for a relaxing beautification journey. For the past 2 decades, Yvonne has polished her abilities to help you find your stunning look, whatever it may be. In addition, getting professional portraits completes the experience.


To Beautify, To Encourage, To Inspire through Cosmetology, Photography, Great Products and Customer Service.

Vision Statement

EK Studios LLC is committed to the promotion of "Beautiful Hair and Glamorous Photography".  We strive to produce products and services that promote self love and self esteem.  We endeavor to "Crown Queens" and reflect that level of image and persona with the highest standard of quality in Cosmetology and Photography.





For over 23 years, Yvonne Christine has established her career as a professional stylist and studio photographer. Her innovative approach to styling hair and capturing it all through glamour photography, creates a unique experience for her clientele.  As her saying goes, “Beauty and image are always connected.”


Her career started humbly as an assistant and has progressed all the way to Master Beautician.  Working at such locations as Raphael’s, Ivanized, Directions, and Michael V Studio.  During this time, she went on to receive her full certification as a cosmetologist  from Gallery College of Beauty, and in pursuit of her goals, started EvonKristine llc.  During these years of her development, she has worked under the careful eye and mentorship of, Michael David, Ivan Humphrey and Tree Graves.  


A Detroit native, Yvonne loves seeing her clients look and feel their best. It’s her personal goal to grow both behind the chair and the lens by excelling in both crafts. At an early age, her mother who always had a camera, inspired Yvonne Christine to take on the challenge to be a photographer. This newfound hobby became a significant aspect of her career.  “Photography has always been my first love; however, my future vision was to somehow find a way to combine both photography and hair.”


As a stylist, her creatively colorful spirit exudes through her work as she uses her gifts and talents to enhance distinct aesthetics of the client’s hair with a controlled yet fresh approach.   She understands that a woman’s hair not only signifies beauty but it is also her crown.  Recognized by Billy Cason and Hair Designer Magazines as a Master Stylist, Yvonne Christine uses her passion for creative expression to bring out the best look of everyone she serves.

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